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I love organizing so much that I re-organize things that are already organized just to see them organized a different way.  I labeled my container of labels.  I even have properly fitted folded sheets in my linen closet.  (Can’t say it didn’t take me a few good tries and a whole lot of cursing at bed linens before I figured out how to do it, though.)

I also love traveling… but what’s an organized person to do when they are thousands of miles from their label maker and living out of a suitcase?  

She organizes her suitcase, of course!  Here are my top picks for staying organized while you pack for a long trip:travel organization image

1. Packing Cubes set, REI, $44.00

Packing cubes are great for sorting clothes and other bulky items, so you don’t have to dig through your entire suitcase to find that tank top you were looking for.  Just pull out each cube, open the one you need, and leave everything else alone.  They can also help separate clean clothes from dirty ones.

2. Standard Baggu (Mint Stripe), baggu.com, $9.00

Whenever I travel on a trip longer than a weekend, I usually have a carry on bag and a suitcase.  My carry on bag (which is usually my my backpack) is great for holding my laptop and essentials I want to have in reach during longer flights.  However, carrying a backpack full of gear isn’t fun if I’m just headed out for a short day trip, and unpacking and repacking my backpack becomes a chore.  That’s why I bring along a baggu:  It takes up almost no room in my suitcase (it folds up into a flat 5″ square pouch), but has lots of space to carry around a few essentials when I’m only headed out for a short time.  Plus, it comes in fun colors and patterns! 

3. REI Grande Shower Kit, REI, $32.50

I bought this in black when it came out, and am so bummed the turquoise one wasn’t available (it’s my favorite color)… nonetheless, this handy zippered bag works like a charm for keeping shower essentials together, and has a handy hook to hang up so you can grab what you need.  I dragged mine throughout Europe, and was able to fit full size shampoo, conditioner, soap, plus all of my other shower essentials in it. 

4. Hold Everything Cases, My Tagalongs, $12.00

These cases work for almost every little thing you want to organize while on the go.  I’m currently using mine as first aid pouches (the bigger one stays in my suitcase with first aid and illness remedies, and the smaller one has a few bandages, lip balm, a sunscreen stick, aspirin, antibiotic cream, and hand sanitizer to easily throw in my day bag).  You can also use them for storing toiletries, make up, and just about any other small items that might get lost in your bag.

5. humangear GoTubb, Amazon, $7.99

Another versatile product is the GoTubb, which is a small plastic case that holds anything from pills to spare change.  I like to keep a few in my bag for those extra small items that never seem to have a place.

6. Lewis N. Clark RFID Travel Wallet, Amazon, $14.20

If you’re traveling overseas, a travel wallet is one of the best items you can pack.  It’s designed to be worn around your neck to prevent it from being lost or stolen, and is large enough to hold your passport.  I would recommend buying one with RFID protection, which prevents identity thieves trying to steal your information.  (To read more about RFID protection, click here.)

7. Cocoon Grid-It Organizer, Amazon, $11.97

One of my favorite organizing products for travel (and around the house) is the Grid It organizer, which is essentially a set of elastic straps that allow for different items to be corralled. Use it to store cords, headphones, flash drives, or anything else that might fall to the bottom of your bag or become a tangled mess.  

There are plenty of ways to stay organized while traveling, making things a little easier while you’re away.  What are some of your favorite travel essentials for staying organized?  Leave them in the comments below!


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