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If I was a celebrity, I would probably be Jennifer Lawrence… mostly because I would trip if I ever had to wear a big fancy dress (there will not be high heels with my wedding dress for this reason).  I love getting dressed up from time to time, but I’m not the most graceful person you’ll ever meet.

This Sunday is the 87th Academy Awards, and I love watching for the blunders just as much as I like seeing all of the gorgeous dresses (and, ahem… men).

Whether you watch to see people get kicked off stage by the music, or to see your favorite actor or actress take home a gold statuette, it’s always fun to watch one of the biggest nights in Hollywood.  This year, I thought I would compile all of the Academy Award Nominations and design a printable Oscar ballot and create some Oscar bingo cards so you can have fun guessing and playing along at home.


Oscars display

photo 3

Oscars 3

To download the Oscar ballot, click here.

To download Oscar bingo cards, click here.  I’ve included six different versions so you can compete with friends and see who gets five in a row first (…”Come on, Jennifer, trip!  I need this space for a bingo!”)

Pop some popcorn, dress up (or down!), and vote on who gets to take home the shiny gold statuette!

…And just in case anyone wanted to know, THIS is my favorite Oscars dress of all time (and it’s from 1954!)

Happy Oscar Weekend, everyone!


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