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Clear the Clutter

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During the process of building a house, we have been living in a small apartment and using a storage unit to hold all of our extra stuff.  I visit the storage unit at least once a week to shuffle through boxes and move things around.  Finally, this past week, I broke down at the prospect of SO. MUCH. STUFF. and decided to spend a day going through everything to clear some of the clutter.

First, I sat down to address the problem:

1. What parts of your home or apartment (or storage unit!) are cluttered or unorganized?

I’m a pretty organized person at home, so my focus was specifically on the storage unit.  At the apartment, my “problem areas” are usually the closets and my kitchen.  I have a habit of buying every kitchen gadget ever invented.

2.What factors are contributing to the clutter?

When we moved our things into the storage unit, we didn’t really go through everything and tried to only take the necessary items to the apartment.  It soon became apparent that I would want to have different things at the apartment at different times (such as winter bedding and holiday decorations), and ended up shuffling through boxes until things got messy.

3. What needs to be done to declutter each area?

My plan of attack was to set aside an entire day to unload everything, go through boxes, then put them back in an organized fashion.  It took me 4 hours to go through each box, but I ended up with two full boxes of items to donate and a much neater space.

4. What habits can you maintain moving forward to ensure it stays clutter free?

When going to the storage unit, I have to make sure to put things back where they were instead of leaving messy boxes or just piling things on top of each other.  It may seem easier to throw things in when you don’t have to look at it everyday, but it compounds the problem until the space becomes dysfunctional.

If you want to join me in decluttering, I created a worksheet with questions to help you identify problem areas and ways to tackle the clutter.  You can download it by clicking here, or click the picture below.  

clear the clutter worksheet


Hopefully this guided worksheet will help you address your cluttered areas!  What are your tips for controlling clutter?  Let me know in the comments below!

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