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DIY Address Calligraphy

DIY calligraphy image display

I am a huge fan of snail mail.  Social media is great, but I love opening up the mailbox to find a letter much more than when someone posts on my “wall”.  It’s just a little more personal, and a little more filled with love (I think).

One of my favorite wedding trends lately is hand lettered envelopes.  I love the fun designs, and think it gives invitations and cards the perfect finishing touch.  The envelope might end up being thrown away, but it always makes the first impression.  While I would love, love, love to learn hand lettering one day, my hobby list is already a little long, so I just haven’t found time to sit down and really practice it.  However, I still want to be able to give my cards and letters the hand lettered look, so I set out to find a good font combination to make my snail mail a little prettier.

To create the hand lettered look, I knew I wanted to find two different kinds of fonts: a smooth, pretty cursive, and a neat print font.  Enter: Molly Jacques.  Molly is a typographic genius that has a special talent for creating calligraphic and hand lettered fonts, and is part of the Great Lakes Lettering collective.  After looking through her work, I knew I had found two perfect options: Asterism Clean Bold and Frosted:

font combo

To create the look of hand lettered envelopes, I opened a new file in Adobe Photoshop the same size as my envelope (7″ long by 5″ high).  I then typed out the name in ‘Asterism Clean Bold’, and proceeded to type out the address in the ‘Frosted’ font.  Once it was formatted how I liked it, I formatted the file to print (this works well with an inkjet printer) and loaded the envelope for printing.  A quick click of the ‘print’ button, and it did all of the hard work for me!

The finished product turned out beautifully, and would be a great, inexpensive alternative to hiring a calligrapher to address envelopes by hand (although I would argue that their work is certainly worth it!):

DIY calligraphy 2

DIY calligraphy 3

pink A7 envelopes from Paper Source // pink heart pen from ban.do

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