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Love List • The Perfect Kiss

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I love holidays.  As soon as I’m a few weeks away from a major holiday, I’m decorating and baking and pinning every detail I can to get the most out of each celebration… which means that the first two weeks of February are all about Valentine’s Day in my house.

(If you didn’t catch my post with the free printable ‘love you’ banner, check it out here!)

Valentine’s Day is an especially fun holiday, because it’s all about love.  While some find the concept cheesy or irrelevant (since we should always let people know we love them), I still find it endearing to be over the top with displays of love and affection once in a while.  There’s just something about love that I love (I’ll stop…)

If you celebrate the holiday as ‘Singles Awareness Day’, feel free to skip this post and buy this awesome t-shirt.

But if you have a special someone to kiss, I’ve put together a set of products to ensure you have a perfect pucker on this most romantic of days.

love list perfect kiss

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First, it’s time to buff those lips to make sure they are smooth and kissable (because if you live in a place like me and it’s freezing and dry, chapstick is your BFF or else you look like you haven’t had a drink of water in days).  My favorite, classic red lipstick is MAC’s ‘Russian Red’.  It’s a bright red color, goes on smoothly, and stays put.  If you’re more of a lip gloss person than a lipstick person, philosophy also has a set of perfectly pink hues to compliment the holiday.  The mints are just a suggestion… but probably a good one!

Aside from kissing your Valentine, I thought I would also include some of my favorite ways to share the love this Valentine’s Day.  Check out the links below!

  1. Celebrate love year-round with this tumbler from ban.do
  2. How cute is this scarf & mitten set?!
  3. I am definitely making these conversation heart leggings
  4. Somebody please send me one of these giant heart balloons with tassels ASAP
  5. For more Valentine’s Day inspiration, check out my ‘be mine‘ Pinterest board!




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