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Bringing Home Puppers

Everyone, meet Leo!  He is a 2 month old yellow lab that is full of energy and loves to steal my scrunchies.


Oh, and he’s adorable when he sleeps…


Life with a puppy has been exhausting and challenging, but full of love and laughs.  This morning, it was pouring rain outside and I woke up before dawn to take Leo outside.  I set him in the grass and he immediately reacted to the heavy rain, jumping on me and pulling my pajama pants down.  I’m really hoping my neighbors were still asleep!  

I have wanted a dog since I left for college and had to leave our beloved family labrador behind.  So when I got a call that there was a little yellow lab puppy that needed a home, we picked him up 3 days later!  With only 3 days to prepare for the puppy, I immediately started doing research for the things we would need.  



leash  |  treat jar  |  food  |  treats  |  collar  |  brushing mitt  |  odor spray  |  shampoo  |  bed  |  toy

The first and most important item recommended to us was a crate.  Because dogs are den animals, they like the comfort of the crate and usually won’t soil where they sleep.  As much as I wanted to bring him home and cuddle up with him in bed, I knew it would be beneficial for little Leo to have his own space.  We ended up purchasing a pretty large crate (36″), and found out later that it should have been smaller, but we figured he would grow into it and it ended up working out for us.  Since coming home, he has adjusted really well to crate training and even puts himself to bed in the crate when he gets tired at night!  We also bought a crate pad to make the crate soft and cozy.  

One of the hardest decisions we had to make before he came home was what food we wanted to feed him.  After a lot of research, we decided on FROMM Family brand food.  It has a five star rating, and came highly recommended by friends that operate a kennel.  We ordered some tiny ‘training treats’ so we could give him a couple at a time and not worry about him eating too much.  And I couldn’t pass up this treat jar in my favorite color!

We also purchased a collar, leash, and tags to start training him to go for walks.  He spends most of the walk trying to bite his leash, but we’re making progress!  

For grooming, we ordered a brush (how cool is this handy brushing mitt?!), gentle shampoo, and nail clippers.  Then, we loaded up on a bunch of toys and a Kong to keep him entertained.

Little Leo has been home for a month now, and we’re all adjusting well.  I’m still a little sleep deprived from early morning potty breaks, but I really can’t complain.  Having him home has been amazing.

I’m sure I will post countless puppy pictures if you want to follow me on my personal Instagram (@lddrayton), and will post updates on the blog as he grows!  What are your essential items for bringing home a new puppy?  Let me know in the comments below! 

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