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10 Habits to Improve Your Life

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One time, I was having a conversation with my dad about taking on the responsibilities of being an adult, and I told him that I felt like I only knew what I was doing twelve percent of the time.  He responded with, “Don’t worry, by the time you’re fifty, that will raise to twenty percent!”  It made me laugh and reminded me that nobody has everything figured out all of the time.  Life is a process, and we’re all doing the best we can.

Still, there are a few habits I’ve tried to work on over the years that have helped make life a little easier.  I thought I would share them here:

1. Get outside more

Sunshine can be a huge mood booster, along with some fresh air.

2. Exercise every day

Making an effort to exercise every day can be challenging, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend an hour at the gym every day.  Find some time to stretch and move around, and your body will thank you.

3. Practice gratitude

Every day, take a few minutes to remind yourself of a few things you can be grateful for.  It helps you focus on the things that really matter.

4. Spend time unplugged

Log out of social media, put down your phone, and engage with the world.  Notice all of the amazing things around you that aren’t on a screen.

5. Drink more water

Seriously. Just drink more water.

6. Make sleep a priority

Too many people sacrifice sleep for productivity, but sleep is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy and ensure you have enough energy to tackle the day.

7. Be kinder to yourself

Too often, we get caught up in all of the things that we’ve struggled with instead of feeling good about what we’ve done well.  Make sure you’re not too hard on yourself.  

8. Engage in meaningful relationships

Take the time to check in with the people who matter most, and engage in meaningful conversation.

9. Find time to relax

Being productive is important, but so is finding time to relax.  Throughout the day, take short breaks to cut down on stress.

10. Have fun

It’s like your teacher always told you – the most important thing is to have fun!  Finding time for things that make you happy should always be a priority.

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So, those are my top ten tips for staying healthy.  What are yours?  

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