Hello! My name is Laura ...but most people I know call me by my initials, LD.

When I was younger, I always used to plan out my future. I was going to finish school, and have a great career, and live in a great big house, and have two perfect children. I wanted to travel the world and fall in love and never stop seeking out a life full of substance.  But after graduating with my degrees and heading out to start building a future for myself, I learned about the “rules”… You know, the ones where you are supposed to forget about your passions, because you can’t have it all. You can’t earn a living and still have time to travel. You can’t have a successful career and be fully present for your family.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret: you make your own rules. You get to decide how you want to live your life and what success means for you.

So, I started a small business. I taught myself how to design, and launched my little Etsy shop, and then I bought a plane ticket around the world (literally; you can read about my trip here). I took my business with me to Japan, and China, and Thailand, across Europe and even down to Australia and New Zealand.  At age 26, I finally realized that harnessing your talents and learning a little about business allows you to design a life that you love. You can wake up and do something that lights your heart on fire and still have time for the things that matter the most.

I run a blog where I talk about creating your dream job so that you can live a life doing what you love. Aside from small business, I also talk about traveling, lifestyle, and things that make me excited to wake up in the morning.  I have a long list of occupations: designer, student, traveler, caregiver, public health advocate, and I’m willing to bet I make the best cupcakes you’ve ever tasted. I love things well-designed and nicely organized, but at the end of the day, belly laughs and new adventures are what make life so amazing. I hope that my blog and shop can help you find your own balance of messy and wonderful along the way.  If you are interested in my work or ideas, contact me.  I would love to hear your story.   Thanks to all of you for stopping by, and if you ever need anything, you know where to find me!

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